are a high tech energy saving device
that can be applied to any type of A/C system.
The nets are made from low density
polyethylene with a patented ceramic additive.

reduce the amount of energy required by your A/C system saving you up to 25% on your A/C energy costs, and in turn helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Low cost

Just install continewm on the existing air conditioner!
Investment can be collected at an early stage. Without using power such as electricity bill, running cost after installation is zero!


It will be effective in about a week.
(It depends on usage environment)

easy to install

No structural, mechanical or electrical modifications required for installation
No disruption to system operating time, do not need to turn off electricity

Don’t change the setting of A/C

“Low cost” and “Effective”

Place the Continewm net on top of the air filter.
Attach Continewm nets to the outdoor unit with cable ties in each corner.

How does it work

Indoor temperature test by Thermography

Many other benefits

Longer service life of
air conditioners

It reduces the operating time of the compressor, so it reduces equipment load due to aged deterioration.
* It does not guarantee to extend the service life of the air conditioner

Air conditioning equipment
manufacturerguarantee can continue

Because it does not do electric construction and remodeling construction, we can continue manufacturer guarantee unlike other air conditioning energy saving equipment.
In addition, we do not do electric disconnection construction of shops and facilities, so we can install even in the season to use.
You can use it more securely if you confirm whether the existing air conditioning manufacturer falls under remodeling work before setting “CONTINEWM”.

Energy saving and running cost of 0
Easy installation on A/C. Easy power saving.

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