deburring Blusher

Compact Auto Efficient Deburring Machine

No need hand work

Compact Auto Efficient Deburring Machine

deburring Blusher

Deburring is a very important process in manufacturing.
For that reason, there are not a few companies that spend a lot of time and cost on deburring work
We will introduce an automatic deburring machine \”Blusher\” which is conpact and can move easyly.

You need helps?

deburring Blusher
No need hand work

Very compact!

It’s compact design. W400xD520

Easy to move

It’s on casters. Easy to move

easy to customize

Customize according to your request

deburring Blusher
5 merits

  • Easy to Improve

    Improve efficiency more than hand deburring

  • Easy to Move

    It’s on casters Easy to move

  • Easy to Install

    Installation near the production line and can do deburring work.

  • Easy to Customize

    Customize according to your request.

  • very Compact

    it’s compact design. W400xD520

Subject Specification contents
Power supply AC200V 50Hz・60Hz
Dimension of target workpiece φ150 H50 Weight: 1.5 kg or less
Work rotation speed 1.2-18.6RPM(Speed change possible at 50Hz)
Brush rotation speed 1410RPM(Fixed at 50Hz)
Brush wear correction Work adjuster(By handle)
Processing Dry type
Body weight 90Kg 

Specification of deburring Blusher

2 way brush

Common specification

The direction of rotation of the work, you can choose either clockwise or counterclockwise.
*You can also install a rotation changeover switch.(option)
With the handle, you can adjust the pressing of the brush.
*It is also possible to use an air cylinder.(option)
(Thrust is adjusted with a pressure reducing valve.)
The rotation speed of the work can be adjusted with the knob.
Jigs for work set are not included, so please prepare.
*We also accept designing and manufacturing jigs.
*By moving the brush, it can also take burrs in several places.(option)

Brush on the side System

Brush the side of the workpiece.Deburring of the gear etc is optimum.

Brush the upper surface System

Brush the upper surface. Remove burrs generated on the end face of the workpiece.

Many other benefits

It can be installed easily on the production line. The installation space is for one person.

The blusher has casters. Easy to remove and Easy installation near the production line. W400 x D520 It is compact design and not takes up space. You can support deburring work while doing another work.

Various options!

 Movable section automatic door(Danger prevention)
Full cover(metallic)
Work rotation axis orientation function
Work presence / absence sensor
External input / output function(Relay terminal box)
Status indicator light
Work counter stopping function
Brush wear notification function
Operation touch panel(4 inch monitor)

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